Ep. 04 : New breath

In February, we fundraised for oxygen concentrators for Pa Nai Sub-district Health Promoting Hospital, Phrao District in Chiang Mai.

The project started after we heard from a friend that a remote hospital was short of adequate oxygen concentrators. It did not have enough oxygen tanks to supply its patients. Because of long distance, the logistic cost is high.

After some consideration, we concluded that oxygen generators would be more useful and beneficial in the long run. We studied several types of machines and chose the generator which guarantees 87-95% concentrated oxygen. It delivers higher features and can replace traditional oxygen tanks. The upgraded version comes with nebulizer function and a more durable body, up to 10 year warranty. Each costs 15,000 baht.

After the team heard about this project, we helped fundraise and PR. At the end, we succeeded in supplying 4 oxygen concentrators and delivered them to Pa Nai Sub-district Health Promoting Hospital, Phrao District in February 2017.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank and give credit to our friend “Mr. Payoo, the Swimming Teacher.” Mr Payoo offers swimming lessons to disabled and disadvantaged children in order to reduce child’s drowning rates in Thailand.

The team plans to continue our community projects with him later this year. Do stay tuned for more details. You can connect with us and follow our updates on www.harempants.com

Until we meet again….

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