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Get Your $5 Gift Card

Anyone who has purchased from has the opportunity to receive a special gift card!


3 things you can do to receive your gift card:

1. Write a Review

Review product(s) you purchased on our website and we'll send you a gift card.

The review is on each product page on
Click on "write a review" as pointed in the image above.

2. Write a Blog Post

Write an article about us, send us the link and we'll send you a gift card.

3. Share on Social Media

Do More, Get More

Do 2 of the mentioned points and we'll send you a $10 gift card, do all 3 and you'll get a $15 gift card. How sweet is that! :)
You can even give these gift cards to friends, if you're feeling generous.

Claim your gift card

Send us email with subject "Snap & Share" to
Include a short details of what you've done so we know how much we can THANK you.

Remark: Eligible to participate once per order.

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